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Learn Italian today with materials by Stella Lucente, LLC. 
Stella Lucente is a publishing company dedicated to the production of unique language and travel-related books and materials for adults. 

Our first book which is now available, Conversational Italian for Travelers, is unique in that it serves to teach the Italian language in a gradual, understandable way, and can also be used as a reference book for frequently used expressions spoken by Italians today. Three main sections describe the information covered: transportation, city life, and hotels and restaurants – with three full chapters on how to read those Italian menus! The book offers enjoyable reading as we follow our main character, Caterina, through her travels in Italy, with cultural notes about important places and events that she encounters during her trip. The companion audio dialogue book is filled with conversational-type examples that correspond to the grammar and verb sections in each chapter of the text book,, and is ideal for audio learners, and especially adults on the go!

Stella Lucente, LLC, is also an authorized supplier of genuine Italian-made products related to Italian culture, such as Modiano Scopa and Briscola playing cards. We also offer the opportunity to create personalized wood-veneer postcards from digital travel photos (scenery only!) which can be used for invitations, thank you cards, or as a special keep-sake of any trip.

Visit our web sites, www.StellaLucente.com, and www.learnTravelItalian.com, each month for travel news, cultural updates, and Italian recipes developed by our own Italian-American community! For reminder emails when new information is available, click on the “Update” tab. You can also follow us on Facebook.