Reviews About Conversational Italian Series:

Conversational Italian Review + Giveaway June 26, 2018 by Aein Hope

The benefit of the Conversational Italian books by Kathryn Occhipinti is that they take a real-life, friendly approach to learning which is something I love! It is very welcoming to encourage Beginners to use the books.

Keep reading below for a giveaway for an amazing little phrasebook!

PostcardZ from Victoria January 2018

With this handy phrase book you can easily find the topic you need (starting with the basics and offering exactly what you need when you need it (e.g., Travel, Transportation, At the Restaurant, At the Hotel, etc.). Worst case, if you can’t pronounce it, just point and smile! >>Read more

Fra Noi Magazine, Chicago March 2017

La Nostra Lingua Spotlights Italian Language Instructor Kathryn Occhipinti

La Nostra Lingua Spotlights Italian Language Instructor Kathryn Occhipinti Pam DeFiglio spotlights Italian Language instructor and author of Conversational Italian for Travelers books for Fra Noi Magazine. Fra Noi ® has been the publication of choice for Chicago’s Italian-American community for more than half a century. . >>Read more

Live and Learn Italian January 2017

Dr. Kathryn Occhipinti is a radiologist of Italian-American descent who has been leading Italian language groups in the Peoria and Chicago areas for about 10 years. During that time, she founded Stella Lucente, LLC, a publishing company focused on instructional language books designed to make learning a second language easy and enjoyable for the adult audience. >>Read more

Fra Noi Magazine, Chicago September 2016

Italian Pocket Pal for Travelers

Grazie mille Fra Noi magazine for your review of Conversational Italian for Travelers: Just the Important Phrases (with Restaurant Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions) in the September 2016 edition of your magazine! >>Read more

Timeless Italy July 2016

5 Reasons Conversational Italian For Travelers is Your Best Bet.

Although I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of traveling through Italy many times, I firmly believe that the Italian language will be an eternal challenge to adequately grasp and understand. Everyone learns differently, but for me I need total immersion and that means living among the Italians. >>Read more

L’idea March 2016

Learn Italian Travel Italy And Rediscover Your Roots ! A New Series Of Books By Kathryn Occhipinti

We have discovered two interesting books that are optimal for our readers who are in love with everything Italian but do not have a good handling of the language and that gives them an handicap when traveling. We contacted the author, Doctor Kathryn Occhipinti and asked a couple of clarifications regarding these books…. >>Read more

Sherry Rentschler, Author February 2016

This is awesome and so much easier to use than the dictionary… a book like this is so welcome and necessary and can make the difference when you travel. People appreciate when you try to speak with them in their language.

Margie In Italy February 2016

Occasionally I like to introduce an author or feature a book about Italy or anything Italian. Today I am honored to recommend a book I recently discovered, and I think you’ll like it too. Conversational Italian for Travelers Just the Important Phrases by Kathryn Occhipinti is the perfect travel companion for your trip to Italy. >>Read more

Travelling Weasels January 2016

Ciao! Any of you who have read our post about Hello Pal will know that, as a transnational couple, we are always interested in untraditional language learning methods. >>Read more