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Cuccidati: Traditional Sicilian Christmas Cookies

Cuccidati: Traditional Sicilian Christmas Cookies  Cuccidati are traditional Sicilian Christmas cookies—try my family recipe enjoyed for three generations here in America! Cuccidati: Traditional Sicilican Christmas Cookies Italian Christmas traditions are unique to each region of the Italy and have been lovingly handed down within families through the generations. Cuccidati – a version of Christmas cookie that probably […]

Italian Travelers: Sightseeing Today!

Italian Travelers: Sightseeing Today!   Follow Caterina and read about Italian travelers and sightseeing today in Italy in the Conversational Italian for Travelers series of books! The Conversational Italian for Travelers textbook begins each chapter with a dialogue from a story about the character Caterina, an American girl who travels to Italy to visit her relatives. As the story continues from one […]